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June 21, 2013
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Skylanders Swap Force Grid :Updated #3: by Xelku9 Skylanders Swap Force Grid :Updated #3: by Xelku9
Skylander's next big thing. Figures with swappable parts. Seeing as there are going to be up to 256 different combinations. I decided to make a grid of them all, once I have pictures of each one. (144/256)
56.25% Complete

A-1: Free Ranger (Air/Air)
A-2: Free Jet (Air/Air)
A-5: Free Buckler (Air/Water)
A-7: Free Zone (Air/Fire)
A-8: Free Kraken (Air/Fire)
A-9: Free Shift (Air/Undead)
A-10: Free Shake (Air/Undead)
A-11: Free Bomb (Air/Life)
A-12: Free Drilla (Air/Life)
A-13: Free Charge (Air/Tech)
A-14: Free Rise (Air/Tech)
A-15: Free Loop (Air/Magic)

B-1: Boom Ranger (Air/Air)
B-2: Boom Jet (Air/Air)
B-5: Boom Buckler (Air/Water)
B-7: Boom Zone (Air/Fire)
B-8: Boom Kraken (Air/Fire)
B-9: Boom Shift (Air/Undead)
B-10: Boom Shake (Air/Undead)
B-11: Boom Bomb (Air/Life)
B-12: Boom Drilla (Air/Life)
B-13: Boom Charge (Air/Tech)
B-14: Boom Rise (Air/Tech)
B-15: Boom Loop (Air/Magic)

E-1: Wash Ranger (Water/Air)
E-2: Wash Jet (Water/Air)
E-5: Wash Buckler (Water/Water)
E-7: Wash Zone (Water/Fire)
E-8: Wash Kraken (Water/Fire)
E-9: Wash Shift (Water/Undead)
E-10: Wash Shake (Water/Undead)
E-11: Wash Bomb (Water/Life)
E-12: Wash Drilla (Water/Life)
E-13: Wash Charge (Water/Tech)
E-14: Wash Rise (Water/Tech)
E-15: Wash Loop (Water/Magic)

G-1: Blast Ranger (Fire/Air)
G-2: Blast Jet (Fire/Air)
G-5: Blast Buckler (Fire/Water)
G-7: Blast Zone (Fire/Fire)
G-8: Blast Kraken (Fire/Fire)
G-9: Blast Shift (Fire/Undead)
G-10: Blast Shake (Fire/Undead)
G-11: Blast Bomb (Fire/Life)
G-12: Blast Drilla (Fire/Life)
G-13: Blast Charge (Fire/Tech)
G-14: Blast Rise (Fire/Tech)
G-15: Blast Loop (Fire/Magic)

H-1: Fire Ranger (Fire/Air)
H-2: Fire Jet (Fire/Air)
H-5: Fire Buckler (Fire/Water)
H-7: Fire Zone (Fire/Fire)
H-8: Fire Kraken (Fire/Fire)
H-9: Fire Shift (Fire/Undead)
H-10: Fire Shake (Fire/Undead)
H-11: Fire Bomb (Fire/Life)
H-12: Fire Drilla (Fire/Life)
H-13: Fire Charge (Fire/Tech)
H-14: Fire Rise (Fire/Tech)
H-15: Fire Loop (Fire/Magic)

I-1: Night Ranger (Undead/Air)
I-2: Night Jet (Undead/Air)
I-5: Night Buckler (Undead/Water)
I-7: Night Zone (Undead/Fire)
I-8: Night Kraken (Undead/Fire)
I-9: Night Shift (Undead/Undead)
I-10: Night Shake (Undead/Undead)
I-11: Night Bomb (Undead/Life)
I-12: Night Drilla (Undead/Life)
I-13: Night Charge (Undead/Tech)
I-14: Night Rise (Undead/Tech)
I-15: Night Loop (Undead/Magic)

J-1: Rattle Ranger (Undead/Air)
J-2: Rattle Jet (Undead/Air)
J-5: Rattle Buckler (Undead/Water)
J-7: Rattle Zone (Undead/Fire)
J-8: Rattle Kraken (Undead/Fire)
J-9: Rattle Shift (Undead/Undead)
J-10: Rattle Shake (Undead/Undead)
J-11: Rattle Bomb (Undead/Life)
J-12: Rattle Drilla (Undead/Life)
J-13: Rattle Charge (Undead/Tech)
J-14: Rattle Rise (Undead/Tech)
J-15: Rattle Loop (Undead/Magic)

K-1: Stink Ranger (Life/Air)
K-2: Stink Jet (Life/Air)
K-5: Stink Buckler (Life/Water)
K-7: Stink Zone (Life/Fire)
K-8: Stink Kraken (Life/Fire)
K-9: Stink Shift (Life/Undead)
K-10: Stink Shake (Life/Undead)
K-11: Stink Bomb (Life/Life)
K-12: Stink Drilla (Life/Life)
K-13: Stink Charge (Life/Tech)
K-14: Stink Rise (Life/Tech)
K-15: Stink Loop (Life/Magic)

L-1: Grilla Ranger (Life/Air)
L-2: Grilla Jet (Life/Air)
L-5: Grilla Buckler (Life/Water)
L-7: Grilla Zone (Life/Fire)
L-8: Grilla Kraken (Life/Fire)
L-9: Grilla Shift (Life/Undead)
L-10: Grilla Shake (Life/Undead)
L-11: Grilla Bomb (Life/Life)
L-12: Grilla Drilla (Life/Life)
L-13: Grilla Charge (Life/Tech)
L-14: Grilla Rise (Life/Tech)
L-15: Grilla Loop (Life/Magic)

M-1: Magna Ranger (Tech/Air)
M-2: Magna Jet (Tech/Air)
M-5: Magna Buckler (Tech/Water)
M-7: Magna Zone (Tech/Fire)
M-8: Magna Kraken (Tech/Fire)
M-9: Magna Shift (Tech/Undead)
M-10: Magna Shake (Tech/Undead)
M-11: Magna Bomb (Tech/Life)
M-12: Magna Drilla (Tech/Life)
M-13: Magna Charge (Tech/Tech)
M-14: Magna Rise (Tech/Tech)
M-15: Magna Loop (Tech/Magic)

N-1: Spy Ranger (Tech/Air)
N-2: Spy Jet (Tech/Air)
N-5: Spy Buckler (Tech/Water)
N-7: Spy Zone (Tech/Fire)
N-8: Spy Kraken (Tech/Fire)
N-9: Spy Shift (Tech/Undead)
N-10: Spy Shake (Tech/Undead)
N-11: Spy Bomb (Tech/Life)
N-12: Spy Drilla (Tech/Life)
N-13: Spy Charge (Tech/Tech)
N-14: Spy Rise (Tech/Tech)
N-15: Spy Loop (Tech/Magic)

O-1: Hoot Ranger (Magic/Air)
O-2: Hoot Jet (Magic/Air)
O-5: Hoot Buckler (Magic/Water)
O-7: Hoot Zone (Magic/Fire)
O-8: Hoot Kraken (Magic/Fire)
O-9: Hoot Shift (Magic/Undead)
O-10: Hoot Shake (Magic/Undead)
O-11: Hoot Bomb (Magic/Life)
O-12: Hoot Drilla (Magic/Life)
O-13: Hoot Charge (Magic/Tech)
O-14: Hoot Rise (Magic/Tech)
O-15: Hoot Loop (Magic/Magic)
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84pokedude Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can update this you know.
Xelku9 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a little bored with it.
84pokedude Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
84pokedude Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you want, I can take pictures of all the Swapabilities for Rubble Rouser. You can use them in your grid. Not with Doom Stone, Freeze Blade, or Hoot Loop, of course, but the others.
PortalMasterKaden Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Hi. I am PortalMaster Kaden on youtube. I am 6 years old. I want to mention your chart in my next video. I will credit your deviantart username. Do you know when you might update the chart to include all of the swapforce? I would like to print out or purchase your chart as a poster. It is much better than the one in the Skylanders Walmart edition hint book. Thank you.
Xelku9 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been looking for pictures to use, but the ones from the official site won't due.
84pokedude Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why not?
84pokedude Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know, Vicarious Visions used your idea of the grid. They have a grid in the game hats how's all the Swaoabilities you can make/have made!!!!! :D First TheSkylanderBoy andGirl, now VicariousVisions!!!!! ^^
GOATN8R Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
everything looks awesome with boom jet!
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